fax-from-gmailIt’s no surprise Gmail is one of the most highly used free web services today. Created by Google, Gmail began way back in 2004 and has gained a lot of popularity since then, with over 400 million users and counting. The many features that have been added onto this email service has made it a great choice for both personal and business correspondence.

Gmail offers valuable additions to it’s service such as Google Drive, Calendars and even Photo management. These features let you be able to manage a variety of documents all from one dashboard. However, many would also like to fax from Gmail but this still hasn’t been implemented.

The big G hasn’t mentioned any plans for integrating a Gmail fax service to their dashboard and although they do have Google Voice, it still doesn’t offer a direct way to fax with Gmail.

While there are some elaborate ways to fax with Google Voice, a simpler and more direct solution is to use an email to fax service that can automatically be connected with your Gmail account.

This solution will allow you to send fax from your Gmail account and also link your virtual fax number to your email. This means every fax you receive is delivered to your email and also sent digitally from your email to a fax machine. Email fax services will allow you to use your email for online faxing.

How to Send a Fax Through Gmail

The following guide will help you understand how to send a fax with an email fax service. It’s important to know that this is very easy to learn and overall it’s a similar to the steps you take when composing a regular email except:

  • Place the fax number instead of the email as the receiver.
  • Attach the documents you need to fax to the email.
  • The content area can be used as your cover page.

In order to follow this guide you will need to create an account with an online fax service. You can use a free trial since it still gives you access to all the features and it’s also a great opportunity to try and compare services. Choose a provider and start sending your fax instantly!

1. Login to your Gmail and compose a new email.

2. Instead of entering an email, you’ll place the fax number and immediately after place the information from your email fax service which is usually @faxservice.com. You replace “faxservice” with your providers information, this is usually given to your in your welcome email. For example with RingCentral it would be: faxnumber@rcfax.com.

3. Use the Subject field to enter the title of your fax page and the content field for the text you would like on your cover page.

4. You can attach a variety of file types such as TIFF, JPG, DOC, XLS, PDF and more. Your provider will inform you of what formats are accepted. Since you’re in Gmail you can also attach documents from your Google Drive.

5.  Check your message to be sure everything is entered correctly and click SEND.

There you have it, in just 5 simple steps you can send a fax through Gmail and once it’s transmitted successfully you will also receive a confirmation email, otherwise most services will automatically retry to send your fax a few times before sending you an email explaining any errors encountered.

Get Your Free Trial Account

Services such as RingCentral and MyFax are currently offering free accounts for all new customers, giving you up to 30 days to try out their service. Your account will give you complete access and you can instantly begin to send and receive fax over Gmail. Which provider you choose depends on what kind of faxing solution your are looking for. Here is a quick summary of the top providers available.

RingCentral – Leading provider, offers local, toll free and vanity fax numbers in the US, Canada and UK. Affordable price and plans for every budget. Offers a complete set of faxing features.

eFax – Another well known company, higher priced but offers fax numbers worldwide along with and a variety of faxing features that includes electronic signature. Great options for users outside the US.

You may have also seen websites that let you send a limited amount of fax pages for free but it’s important to know that these sites do not guarantee your faxes will be sent and they usually include ads on the cover page which looks very unprofessional.

We don’t recommend these services, especially if you are using it for a business or for sending confidential information. If you are sending a document that doesn’t contain important information the this is a good alternative.

Sending a Fax With a Cable Modem

If you don’t want to use the internet you may also be able to use your cable modem to hook up a fax machine, but you will also need to be subscribed to a telephone service through your provider. You’ll also need to get a telephone line splitter and a fax machine. This tutorial and AZ Central explains the process.

In Conclusion

Overall, the benefits of sending a fax over Gmail greatly outweigh what a fax machine has to offer. It’s important to give yourself time to evaluate and try out these services so you can find one that best fits with your business. Each service offers different plans, prices and features but most offer an easy and automatic integration with Google services.

You can check out more reviews on fax to email services on our website and please bookmark this tutorial as you can use it for future reference with any service or share it with others who are interested in learning how to use their Gmail account for faxing!

It’s no surprise Gmail is one of the most highly used free web services today. Created by Google, Gmail began way back in 2004 and has gained a lot of popularity since then, with over 400 million users and counting. The many features that have been added onto this...