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Tutorials to Help You Get Started with Gmail Faxing
  • Your Complete Guide to Send a Fax from Gmail in 5 Steps
    Gmail is one of the most highly used free web services today. Created by Google in 2004, today it’s made up of over 400 million users and counting. Many features have been added onto this email […]
  • How to Receive Your Fax with Gmail
    It’s amazing how far faxing communication has advanced these past years. It seems like every month we are inundated with technological updates and sometimes it’s even hard to keep up. But […]
  • Google Fax Number – Everything You Need to Know
    A few years ago the only way to send or receive faxes was by hooking up a fax machine to a dedicated fax line. Furthermore, the entire process of getting an extra line meant more expenses on top if […]