About Us

Our goal is to provide you with the help you need to find the best email faxing solution for your business.

Staying on top of the latest technology and online tools for your business can be a time consuming task. Which is why we created GmailFaxHelp.com to bring you the latest faxing solutions and tutorials all-in-one place.

Through research and date we’ve put together this site to help individuals with home offices or large companies learn how to implement this innovative solution. This website has grown into a great resource for us to share tutorials, tips and reviews with readers around the globe.

A great way to increase productivity in the office is by using the right tools to help manage the workflow. There are many options available these days and it can leave business owners confused as to what to use and what actually works. How can you find the right tool? When it comes to communication tools, an essential part of many businesses is faxing and our site will help you find the best solution. A great way to get started is learning about the features that online fax provides for your business.

Using a virtual fax service is a modern technology that will help improve the way your business communicates. Through the internet you’ll be able to send and receive documents no matter where you go. This is great for professional that travel or work from home. Hundreds of people are signing up each day and saving thousands because this solution helps reduce expenses immensely.

Most online fax providers also offer complete PBX systems but you can also choose to just use online faxing. This site also provides a guide to help you learn how to send fax online and email to fax through a set of easy steps. We’ve also created reviews on these providers which includes the pros and cons of their service as well as the pricing and features they offer.

We hope that all our tutorials and reviews at GmailFaxHelp.com are beneficial to your process in making the switch from traditional faxing to the modern option. Thanks to new business technology you can now easily manage documents and upgrade to powerful services that are low priced. Here we want to help you navigate through this new option so you can understand how it works and how to implement into your business.

Why was Gmail Fax Help Created?

In addition to what we’ve already mentioned, Gmail Fax Help was created because as business owners we couldn’t find a guide on the internet to help learn how to implement faxing to Gmail. Find honest and up-to-date reviews on services is hard and some sites only want to sell you a certain product.

Our mission was to bring well researched information to bring value to this topic. After doing our own research for these services that we’ve used in our business, we realized it would be helpful to others as well. Our articles are made with you in mind and not with marketing intents. Bottom line, we want to provide you with the best options you have for your business to thrive and that’s how our site came to be.

What are the reviews based on?

The reviews of the services on this site are unbiased and unattached to any external influence. We’ve had the chance to review several providers that compete against each other in this market.

We also try to have articles written by specialist in this area because their experience helps to create a solid article with useful information when analyzing these services.

After completing a review it is then revised by our team to ensure its quality for our readers. After completing all of these steps we then publish the article on the site.

Is there any compensation for reviews?

We do receive a compensation but it’s not based on the article written, which is why our reviews are unbiased. A referral compensation comes from visitors who choose to purchase a service through the links placed on our site.

We are very thankful to all our readers that click the links on our website. Any referrals we receive are used to continue managing the website and cover expenses such as hosting, research and more.

It’s crucial that we clarify that any compensation received does not alter how a service is reviewed. We make sure to include all the pros and well as the cons that a service may have because it’s important to know if they lack any features so you can pick the right provider.

We know our readers are smart and our goal is to provide you with well researched information so you can make the best choice for optimum results.