Are Email Fax Services Worth Paying For?

A key factor in everyone’s mind when selecting a fax service is the price. If we can get a quality service for free… then that will most likely be our first option. While email fax services do offer free trials, they charge a monthly or discounted annual fee thereafter. This article will help you decide if it’s actually worth paying for.

How Much?

That’s the initial question. Most services charge anywhere from $5 to $30+ per month, depending on what type of plan you choose. What varies in each plan is the amount of fax pages you are given each month.

What do you get for the price?

All services include a free virtual fax number (vanity numbers can have an extra one-time charge) and access to the tools and integration features that their service offers such as:

  • Broadcast faxing
  • Electronic signature
  • Email fax integration
  • Online fax storage
  • Faxing with your cell phone

These are just some of the basic features that are provided and there is no extra charge for this.

How does it save you money?

If you consider that costs of buying a fax machine, adding in an extra phone line and fax per page fees from telephone companies… it can add it pretty quickly. In addition fax machines must be plugged in all the time so it also consumes a lot of energy.

A major plus about using online fax services is cutting out all these expenses and also reducing paper and ink usage because documents can be faxed directly from your computer.

Even if you’re computer is off, you will still receive faxes and can even configure to have a text message sent you with activity updates.

If you are away from the office you can log-in to your online dashboard from anywhere in the world. Online faxing works 24/7, without having to be plugged in.

Additional Benefits for Businesses

Faxing over the internet also lets businesses create more then one log-in ID to have multiple employees receive and send faxes with 1 account.

All documents are transferred securely and also received in your emails inbox which prevents documents falling into the wrong hands.

If your business is interested in helping the environment then using this latest technology is ideal because by wasting less paper you are saving more trees.

Is it worth paying for?

Yes, the benefits and savings that using an online service provides compared to using a fax machine is a strong reason to choose paid services. The prices are low priced and affordable for any type of businesses, even home offices.

But the best way to make up your mind is trying out a service through a free trial and test out the features it provides for your business. No contracts, no strings attached. Check out our tutorials on how to get started with Gmail fax.