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Which Virtual Fax Service Should I Use?

A core aspect that many business share is having diverse methods to communicate with clients and staff. Having reliable and efficient fax service is essential to running a stable office. Most companies use faxing to transmit daily documents and this tool can now be improved by using Google Virtual fax.

While Google may not currently offer their own fax service, you can still find many services that allow you to fax from Gmail and that are very easy to setup and use. If you’ve used a fax machine then you know that annoying problems it can present such as busy dial tones and running out of paper or ink when you need to use it most. The problems will be obsolete after you switch to this new technology.

This innovative method is known as virtual fax because instead of using a physical machine you can send your documents electronically. Any received faxes are automatically converted into digital format and delivered to your Gmail inbox. Which means you can also send faxes directly from Gmail, bypassing the need to waste time feeding papers through a machine and also saving money on paper and ink expenses.

Finding the Right Tools To Use

In order to take full advantage of email to fax services you have to select the right service for your business. There are many providers on the market but it’s important to look into their customer service as well because you want to be able to communicate with them easily at anytime if you need assistance.

Fortunately there are many companies that have earned a great reputation for being reliable and secure which include RingCentral and eFax and they continue to provide an excellent service to major business today.

A popular way to begin learning more about virtual faxing is through tester accounts. The majority of fax providers offer free 30 day trials, with no strings attached and you can cancel at any moment. You get a complete month to review the service and features and discover how profitable this solution can be.

It’s also helpful to know that merging a Google fax service with your business is extremely easy to setup. This is because providers keep in mind that “time is money” and the faster you can upgrade to the latest technology, the better for your business to continue working smoothly.

Once you sign up for digital faxing you will also pick your fax number and your account is activated quickly.

You can pick from local US numbers, toll-free, vanity numbers and even international numbers with services such as eFax that provides fax numbers for more than 40 countries.