Powerful Online Fax Features that Improve Business

The new era of Google faxing now provides many businesses with valuable features that expand beyond anything a traditional fax machine could do. Using email to fax opens the doors to be able to send and receive faxes instantly from anywhere with an internet connection.

The features that these services offer provide added benefits for any type of business that is interested in increasing productivity in their daily work flow. Each service provides different features but here we’ll review the most popular online fax features that companies are raving about.

Send Multiple Faxes. Also known as fax broadcasting, this feature allows you to send a fax to several contacts at one. This was a hard task to accomplish with a fax machine because you had to send each fax transmission separately, which is very time consuming. Now with email to fax telecommunication everything is done all at once by simply adding additional fax numbers to the CC field of the email, where you would normally add on additional emails. Then you just click send and the service will automatically send the fax to all the recipients for you.

Free Virtual Fax Numbers. A major benefit is eliminating the need of dedicated fax lines with virtual fax numbers. Almost all services offer a free number for all new customers, you can pick from toll-free, local or vanity numbers as well as transfer your current number if needed. There are no installation fees or maintenance fees and your number is activated right away. An online fax number will instantly convert incoming and outgoing faxes and deliver them to your email or to the recipients fax machine.

Mobile Faxing. This is a breakthrough feature that users find extremely useful when they are on-the-go. With the increasing popularity of smartphones, you can also use yours to send and receive online fax. You can check to see if your service provides a mobile app for iPhone or Android, but if they don’t then you can also use your email interface from your cellphone to send a fax through email.

Schedule Outgoing Faxes. If you’ve ever needed to send an important fax while you where out of the office, then you know what a hassle it can be to rush to the nearest fax machine. You no longer have to worry about this because you can schedule faxes to be sent at any date and time with the fax scheduling feature. Although this features isn’t accessible through Gmail, you can login to the providers dashboard and schedule your faxes from within this interface. Once your document is sent you will also receive an email confirming the delivery.

Electronic Signature. Another time saving feature is being able to sign your documents from your computer without having to waste time and resources by printing it out. Only few providers offer this feature and you will usually need to do this from their online dashboard.

Ready to Give Your Business a Boost?

The features detailed above are a great way to save time and also reduce expenses. These are just a few of the many features that are provided by online fax services and this innovative communication technology will only improve in the upcoming years.

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